WeTri Team 2024 is the development team for the 2024 Olympic Games.  Athletes on this team are training specifically for National & World Titles with a focus on qualifying to represent the USA on our Olympic Team for the 2024 Games.   Athletes develop in draft legal racing (with some classics) with a focus on success and titles in ITU draft legal racing.  The goal of the athletes on this squad is the reach top of world rankings in ITU racing by the 2024 Olympic Games.  These athletes race Junior Elite draft legal and U23 draft legal.

Meet Team 2024



Team 2024 athletes

Josh Cagney 

Sydney Lewis 

Dominic Pollizzi

*full athlete profiles posted soon




To apply for the Team 2024 you must meet the following criteria

  1.  Personal goal of achieving world titles & top of world rankings by 2024
  2.  Have had success in draft legal elite racing (Junior Elite or U23) (or top 15% in age group Nationally in USAT classic rankings)
  3.  Are committed to what it will take to achieve world class level racing

Contact Coach Kirsten to discuss the application process