On this page you will find a brief description of the WeTri Triathlon Teams.

List of teams (athlete categories) The WeTri Triathlon Team focuses on age groups 14 – 25  U25  Athletes are trained for success in draft legal racing

Development ~ WeTri Development Team

High Performance Team  ~ WeTri HPT Junior Elite Racing Team

Remote ~ WeTri Remote Elite Racing Team Athlete

Collegiate ~ WeTri Collegiate Athlete

Pro ~ Professional Athlete (with elite pro card)


WeTri Development Team 

Racing Ages 13 – 19

For athletes who are interested in developing into Junior Elite Racing on our High Performance Team Introductory oriented program teaching athletes skills in all three sports of swim, bike and run as well as triathlon racing skills.  With three weekly practices.  A great team for beginning triathletes.  This is an ideal program for athletes who are new to triathlon and are looking to develop their skills and strength for eventual racing.   Athletes are at all different levels in swim, bike and run so there are no prerequisite times for any of the sports.  For athletes who are beginning in swim and or bike Coach may recommend a series of WeTri private lessons to get a jump start in skills.  Emphasis is on skills & becoming stronger swimmers, cyclists and runners as well as putting it all together to do triathlon.  Also, a focus on building character and life lessons through the sport of triathlon.  Many of our development Team Athletes (within the full span of age groups) have gone on to great success on our WeTri Elite Racing Team.  This is a great place to start if you are looking to try out triathlon and experience your potential in the sport.

Cost:  $150/month


High Performance Team ~ WeTri Junior Elite Racing Team & U25

Racing Ages  15 – 25
HPT_Logo (1)Advanced junior elite triathletes who have the goal of National & International Racing in Classic and Draft Legal Format.  This team (and program) develops athletes for our next generation of World Cup, World Championship, and Olympic Games triathletes.  This begins with the identification and development of age appropriate competitive preparation of youth elite, junior elite and senior elite athletes into the well rounded athletes capable of success at the highest level of draft legal competition progressing to National and International titles. The WeTri Elite Racing Team is a Nationally known highly successful program.  Our Elite Racing Team races both classic and draft legal races so as to create a well rounded competitive athlete.  These athletes are self motivated to achieve top titles in our sport within their age group.  Athletes in this program are working on refining their skills in all three sports as well as their racing skills in both non draft and draft legal racing formats.  Elites are also being coached in recovery and nutrition supporting and teaching the whole athlete how to realize their greatness in our sport.  Our elite team requires a strict standard of conduct on and off the course including, academics, leadership, sportsmanship and character.

Elite athletes receive their customized training plans from Coach Kirsten on the Training Peaks System.

prerequisites to join the WeTri Elite Racing Team

swim: boys ~ 100 freestyle in 1:15 or faster / girls ~ 100 freestyle in 1:25 or faster

bike:  Solid road biking skills and experience

run:  boys ~ one mile in 6:15 or faster / girls ~ one mile in 6:45 or faster

The elite racing team races in events within California along with a couple of National events including Junior Elite Cup Races & USAT Age Group Nationals.

Cost: $150. / month  (more information) 


Remote Athletes ~ Remote Elite Team Athletes 

This program is for elite level athletes who live over 1.25 hours away from WeTri (Rocklin, CA).  Remote athletes must be elites with elite team athlete goals and standards. This is a highly successful program which allows athletes to train with the WeTri Team and Coach while living at or over 1.5 hours away.  Athletes receive an individualized training plan specifically created for them to reach their elite goals.  Athletes must be dedicated and focused in following their training plan and excellent communicators with Coach.  Coach conducts phone and or video calls with athletes on a regular basis for updates, questions and coaching (sometimes weekly as needed).  Remote elite athletes adhere to the same prerequisits and standards as our elite racing team athletes as they are officially on our elite racing team.

Remote elites must plan on attending at least two team group sessions a month.  This assures team cohesion, Coach in person check ins in swim, bike and run and racing skills progress.

Cost:  $150. / month  (select weekend stays at Coach house are $50. a weekend)


Collegiate ~ Collegiate Athletes  

Racing Ages 18 – 25

HPT_Logo (1)This program is specifically for athletes who are racing Collegiate events or are within the age group of 18 – 23 and are working to achieve National Titles either on the USAT College stage or USAT National Age Group.  Athletes may be attending any College institution.  If athletes attends a College that currently has a Triathlon Team and an official Coach Athlete must fully disclose to both WeTri and their College Coach that they are being Coached by WeTri Elite.  Athlete is given an individualized training plan and Coach works closely with the athlete to achieve their goals.   Athletes must be dedicated and focused in following their training plan and excellent communicators with Coach.  Coach conducts phone and or video calls with athletes on a regular basis for updates, questions and coaching (sometimes weekly as needed). College athletes in the WeTri Elite Program are usually serious about achieving high level titles on the National or World stage.

College athletes have the choice to train full time with the WeTri Elite Team or to work remotely.  If the athlete works remotely then they must show up for designated elite training camps held in Northern California or the Pacific Northwest.

Cost:  $150. / month