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WeTri is fantastic! In the 4 months since I’ve joined, my performance has improved as well as my confidence. I completed an Olympic distance and felt fantastic afterward. The energy and camaraderie on the team is my favorite thing about WeTri — that and Kirsten Bratti Lewis our Coach and fearless leader!

_Carolyn Hanley WeTri Triathlon Team Athlete 2013  & 2014 team



IMG_6785I love being a part of WeTri! Kirsten is a wonderful, caring coach, and all of the ladies are awesome athletes, whether newbies or veterans. I’m entering my second triathlon season with this team, and I’m looking forward to the great adventures to come…..!

_Connie Wilson WeTri Triathlon Team Athlete

2013 season Connie earned 2 age group wins and 3 PRs including her first Half Ironman distance race



Congratulations to WeTri Team Athlete Joyce dela Cruz for completing her first Olympic! Read her inspiring story..

1092430_10151802631783454_1508436956_oThree thoughts that came to me as I crossed the finish line at my Olympic goal race:

1) I have amazing, awesome, lovely teammates.
2) That cold cup of liquid I dumped on my head to cool off?  That was electrolyte.
3) Good lord, I smell awful.
I have been a runner for over 11 years and a road cyclist for 3 seasons.  After doing several duathlons during the summer of 2012 and watching triathletes of all shapes and sizes cross the finish line at these multi-sport events, I committed to doing my first triathlon by purchasing a wetsuit during Xterra’s “Black Friday” sale on their website.  I joined WeTri for its inaugural season as a member of the Sprint/Olympic Team and began training in January; the first order of business was to get over my lifelong fear and learn how to swim.  Coach Kirsten taught me with patience, humor, and encouragement…as well as with the occasional much-needed push to exceed my self-imposed limits.  Seven months later, I have 1 pool, 1 mini, 2 sprints, and now, an Olympic distance triathlon finish under my race belt. I guess that wetsuit was one of the best damn purchases I have made in recent years.

I’m grateful for the journey, the people I’ve met along the way, and the joy and sense of accomplishment that triathlon has given me.  I’m looking forward to a few more sprints to round out the 2013 season, and then I have some work to do in the pool to improve my swim for the 2014 season. I have so much gratitude for my teammates, Coach, and other TRI community friends — the support and goodwill have made what has been at times a struggle that much easier to push harder to get where I am today: a TRIATHLETE. 
Addendum to #1: I love my teammates even more for the fact that they cheerfully and unabashedly hugged me despite my stench.

_Joyce dela Cruz, WeTri Triathlon Team




535928_4854200391728_302641780_nThere is coaching and then there is COACHING…. I’ve been coached in one way or another for over 35 years.  Only recently (since 2009) in the sport of triathlon.  The ultimate coach, in my opinion, is one who can combine their knowledge of the physicality of the sport with a deep understanding of the psychological aspects of the sport.  Add into this mix, someone who understands the female athlete (and all that brings to the table) and utilizes a delivery method which embraces a flexible, but firm tough love approach and is an outstanding communicator and you have Coach Kirsten.

I have been coached by very talented, experienced, qualified people in the past, but I never really connected with them – another important ingredient in whomever coaches me.  Kirsten and I connected from the moment we met.  She is not only personable and engaging, but she cares and SHE LISTENS!!  In the few sessions (phone and in person) that we have had, I’ve learned more about form, stretching, nutrition and purposeful workouts than I have in the past 5 years.

My workouts are doable yet challenging and I get the reasoning and purpose for everything I’m doing.  The women on the team reflect our coach – extremely supportive, open and welcoming.  It feels much less like a competitive team and much more like a place where I can learn, grow, succeed and have fun!

I am extremely excited about the 2014 season and plan to get up to Rocklin as much as possible to participate in the group workouts!

_Valentina Holroyd,  2013/2014 WeTri Team


Really used what you taught me to turn a long run that I thought was going to be horrible into a great workout!”

_Sue Moote (experienced Ironman Athlete) currently training for Ironman Tahoe 2013


rebekka on bike“For me, being a part of the WeTri triathlon training was truly an amazing and trans formative experience. I came into the training with absolutely no triathlon experience… actually with absolutely no athletic experience! I had just bought a bicycle, which I hadn’t seriously ridden yet… and I was training on my own, alternating swimming and jogging. I had a grand plan to increase my distances by 10% every week… that was how I planned to train for my first triathlon!

Meeting Kirsten and joining the team I believe saved me from my naivete!

There are so many things that were good for me about the team… and I am so grateful that I had the chance to experience and learn so much.

The very basics which are truly amazing are the coaching: Kirsten is a solid athletic coach. She teaches the form and structure of how to do the sport, she teaches the warm-up, the stretch, the cool-down and the recovery; all the components of how to be this athlete in this sport in a healthy injury-free way are addressed… but then there is so much more! Nutrition and hydration were taught, as well as the psychology of athleticism! I think my favorite part of being on this team with Kirsten as my coach, was her holistic approach to coaching. She is very big on the positive mindset, and does not allow us to become negative or allow negative energy on the team.

I always felt 100% supported by both Kirsten, and my other teammates. In our world we are often surrounded by competition and by negative messages, but on We Tri the culture is always positive, always supportive; we were taught to harness positive energy from within ourselves.

I learned so much about the sport, as well as about myself… and I grew tremendously both athletically and spiritually through the process… I have become stronger and I believe in my abilities so much more than I did before!

The very act of exercising is of course so good for our bodies and minds. I have developed good habits and I am still swimming, biking and running… and I have been virtually cured of my tendency toward depression!

I could not recommend a women’s coach more enthusiastically than I recommend Kirsten. There was not a single thing that I felt unhappy with or that I thought needed changing… If you are interested in competing in triathlons, in growing physically, mentally, and emotionally, in becoming stronger in body mind and spirit (really!! It sounds so corny but it’s honestly true!) then We Tri is a perfect place to be.”

_Rebekka Fox ~ WeTri Sprint/Olympic Distance Team 2013


600_268062122“Being on the WeTri Team has been an amazing experience.  I can’t believe how much I have accomplished and learned.  I thank you so much for your training and teaching throughout my triathlon journey.  Thank you again for this awesome experience.  It’s amazing to see what I accomplished this past year!”

Elise Segers ~ WeTri Olympic Distance Team 2013




“I am already looking at which race I can sign up for next year. I finished in 15 hr 14 minutes and I had expected to do this in 16 hours and 45 minutes. I am a mother to five and grandmother to 3 and I wanted to set a good example for lifelong fitness for them.

I can’t thank you enough Kirsten for preparing me mentally for this challenge. I owe a portion of my successful first time Ironman finish to the things you taught me in your class.  You provided the tools I needed to not just survive, but to thrive in the Ironman arena. Keep up the good work – you are AWESOME!!”

_Deb Blair, Triathlete Ironman Texas


Congratulations to Sue ~ she won the bike race! “Last week I did a bike race as a hard training weekend-it was a 3 stage race, with all stages as time trials. This was my first chance to put some of her teachings into practice.I can definitely say that the techniques I have learned over the past few weeks definitely had a positive contribution to my performance last weekend. I can’t wait to learn and practice more-thank you Kirsten!”

(here’s the blog post all about it)

Sue Moote, Triathlete Ironman


I had my first chat with Kirsten today. Unexpectedly (I’m at work) I was able to get out and run. I used some of the questions (Kirsten taught me) and reflected during my run.

I broke two PR’s (personal records) today-1.5 miles and 5k times. The 1.5 mile PR has stood for 20 years. The 5k time was my best ever recorded.

Basically, I’m officially running better than I ever have.

I’m a believer. Thanks Kirsten, for the chance.

Rachel Zambrano, Triathlete Ironman Rachel’s Blog


Hi Kirsten – Today I broke down the wall. I wasn’t expecting it but it happened. Thought you might be interested to know I went on a bike ride this morning. The first one of my training schedule for the Ironman. I was very nervous as the last time I was on the course, I had a crash early on. Today, I met some friends who were doing a race in a few weeks and we rode the course. On my drive over there I thought about and used the things you had given me & over the past couple of days, I just sort of visualized me making it up the hills easily. (There are three specific places on the course that were issues for me last time). Once we got going, I let go of the stress and was just completely relaxed. The hills that had been problems just weren’t. One in particular is rather steep and a lot of riders end up walking it. I took it slow and churned my way to the top – a MAJOR accomplishment! It was the perfect confidence boosting ride! it was exactly what I needed to get past the memory of that last bad ride and had a more recent success to focus on. It really doesn’t get any more awesome than that!

Karen Whitlock, Triathlete


Hello Kirsten,

just want to thank u for your amazing inspiration and let you know that u are having a phenomenal impact on my life and performance.  I listened to your questions meditation and the results were instant. Thank you. I look forward to the future because of you and your work. Thanks again!

A few days later ~ I just got back from a squad brick session. I’m so happy and on cloud nine as I kept up with the athletes in the run and coach moved me to the faster group, and yes you were with me my friend, your calm voice was in my head comforting me and removing all restrictions and worries for me. Thank you xxx

Jasmine Berryman, Triathlete