Coach Kirsten Lewis is an official USAT High Performance Team Coach,  a USA Triathlon Certified Coach and a certified coach with USA Swimming and The American Swim Coaches Association.

Kirsten is one of the top Junior Elite Triathlon (U25) coaches in the USA measured by percentage of athletes ranked top in the Nation in both draft legal and classic triathlon.  She has the distinction of creating top ranked Junior & Elite Athletes consistently each season.  The WeTri team is known for the creation of the Nationals top athletes through it’s unique team culture and Coach Kirsten’s highly effective approach to training.  

Kirsten has a unique training philosophy for juniors and a very unique team culture ~ both contribute greatly to the unusual success of our athletes.  She is particularly gifted in coaching Juniors to achieve their best in sport and in life. This is the reason why our athletes make significant progress very quickly AND achieve impressive results!


The WeTri Elite & Junior Racing Team is one of the top triathlon teams in the Country.

Our Goals and Mission:

For All Athletes On Our Team:  To make a significant positive difference in the lives of our High School  & College Athletes by instilling values that create greatness ~ deep self belief with a high level of personal accomplishment, in the sport of triathlon which comes from learning the use of goals, commitment, fortitude,  learning what it takes to truly create your success and many other life lessons through achieving something extraordinary.

Elite Team: Is one of the highest ranked U23 teams in the Country  (measured in terms of USAT All Americans & Team USA qualifiers & draft legal ranking results)

Development Team:  mission:  To learn the life skills needed to achieve personal success and greatness (and the habits of) by striving for success in the sport of triathlon & the development opportunity to achieve the elite team 

We are an unusual junior team as our focus it that each individual athlete receive real coaching attention in order to achieve their personal greatness in our sport

Why are we successful (the real scoop):  There is a reason why our athletes make significant progress very quickly AND achieve impressive results!  Coach Kirsten has a unique training philosophy for juniors and a very unique team culture ~ both contribute greatly to the unusual success of our athletes.

Training philosophy: Everything matters ie: the order in which sessions are completed, build, taper, injury prevention, mental and emotional game, nutrition, recovery, focus on sports vs. the athletes experience and potential, how the athletes view themselves, types of skills when to add in fun and when to focus AND choice of races.   All contributing to how our athletes are able to make such significant progress SO quickly.

There is a very fine line between training for huge results and over training.  High school sports teams historically over-train their athletes (this is a very common mistake as overtraining simply puts the athlete out of the season) and same goes for coaches training junior triathletes.  One my most valuable skills as a coach is knowing exactly when to push and back off the athlete (on a completely individualized basis) in order to get awesome results.

We have a very special team culture (and coaching style) that contributes significantly to our athlete’s success in this sport.  It is very easy for both athletes and parents to overlook team culture and coaching style as a significant factor in athlete success. We have a very special culture that is shaped and created consciously by Coach Kirsten.   It allows the athlete to thrive in the sport and pushes them to realize their own personal potential and greatness as a young athlete.  Junior athletes are groomed to take responsibility for their athletic decisions their personal progress and results. It’s not simply about doing workouts it’s about thriving and knowing how to tap into each individuals greatness in order to achieve extraordinary results!  This is a very conscious part of how she coach’s our team and each individual on our team and a very important part of why our athletes receive so much success so quickly.  The culture helps the athlete stay interested, focused, inspired, filled with self belief and prevents burn out by allowing them to thrive personally for individual success.

Juniors ~ Our Junior Racing Team is on of the top (23U) teams in the Country (measured by top athletes in USAT rankings within their age group) ideal for athletes 16 – 23  who are dedicated to personal progress in racing or who are interested in trying out triathlon.  Team is limited to 25 athletes



Coaching Philosophy and Methods:

DSCN1025Triathlon has become a very popular sport still growing by leaps and bounds annually and with that there have been a great many kinds of training methods and philosophies on what works for training.  Some of them work and some of them don’t.  Many people who self coach run into the danger of incurring injuries, burning out or over/under training for their events.  Some people are great at self coaching and can navigate the science and the art of highly effective triathlon training, however, they are few and far between.

Many athletes at some point desire to get to the next level in distance or speed and they want professional coaching and training that will get them to their goal the safest and most effective way possible.  That’s when it’s time to get a good triathlon specific coach that matches your philosophy and needs.  There are a great many part time and full time Triathlon Coaches out there ~ the most important thing in choosing is that you like them, you understand their methods and philosophy and you feel like they champion you ~ that they believe in YOU!

Training Philosophy:

Measuring your success and progress:  Another important part of receiving significant progress is benchmarking.  Coach Kirsten creates appropriate benchmarks throughout your training in order to track your progress and make adjustments where needed in your training.

Workouts and training should have purpose with that you will receive significantly more progress, more satisfaction and more continual inspiration and fulfillment.  Each workout should have a purpose like gaining a certain (specific) kind of fitness, skill, recovering or maintaining fitness.  The answer to success is getting the balance right between these three.  Each workout should have a reason and an explanation.  The athletes should understand what they are doing and why they are doing it.

Run training with Meriem

Triathlon training with results encompasses more than just swim, bike and run.   It also includes:

  • Proper fueling in your training and racing including training race plans for fueling that works for you individually. 
  • Effective recovery techniques in order to allow your body to perform at a higher level. 
  • Effective mental game methods that support your progress and allow for higher level racing results.

You receive high level training and coaching in all of these areas


  • USAT (USA Triathlon) Certified Coach
  • American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) Certified Level 1 Coach
  • USA-Swimming Certified Level 1 Coach


More about Kirsten:

I am a full time Triathlon coach focusing on training men and women in the sport of Triathlon.  My mission is to make a big positive difference in the lives of each individual that I coach and give you the tools, wisdom, resources and personalized training you need in order to reach your personal goals.  It is my belief that Triathlon is a life changing sport and I am honored to make a difference in people’s lives through this great sport.

I am continually learning and up on the most recent studies, methods and training that is most effective for triathletes AND I see it as my job to bring you the very best in training. By focusing full time on training athletes in the sport of triathlon I am able to most effectively bring it all to you in a way that gives you results and great fulfillment.

My background:

I have been seriously steeped in sport since I was a young child growing up in Connecticut.  My first athletic love was as an equestrian.  I rode horses seriously from 10 years old on in the division of Hunter/Jumpers on the National Circuit all around the United States.  I was fortunate to train under one of the greatest coaches of that time, Ronny Mutch.  During my early teens I was being groomed for the level of the USA Olympic Team.  During my years as a serious equestrian athlete I learned a tremendous amount about what it takes to compete in the top in your sport.  Being coached by one of the best was an invaluable experience.  However,  when I was given the choice of training even more seriously with the team as the goal or focusing on High School, I chose High School.  Still at this time I was a great youth athlete ~  I simply LOVED athletics.  I played Varsity Field Hockey in Junior High and High school all years and participated in any athletic activity I could find like, water skiing, cycling and swimming.  It also happened that at this time my family traveled around to exciting places I could explore as a teenager like, Morocco, Egypt, living on a boat in the Mediterranean and much time in Europe.

I had the great fortune of attending a very special all girls prep school for High School ~ Emma Willard.  The first girls school in the USA and an amazing education experience with high intellectual value for women.  Most people know my High School as the set of a number of famous movies like The Emperors Club & Scent Of A Woman.

From there I attended Franklin College in Switzerland with some studies at Cambridge University.  Then I returned to the United States to NYC to finish my degree.

For many years my career was in the field of Financial Services.  I was highly successful in the industry and by the end of my career was Vice President at Smith Barney managing 2.5 Billion in Investment Branches in Northern California.  In 1998 I left the field for more personal fulfillment and more autonomy with my life beliefs and direction.

I then opened up my coaching business ~ coaching people in business and personally helping them achieve their greatness.  What happened from this original business was truly extraordinary.  I continually came across people in athletics and sport who would ask me to coach them.   Since I used a great many sports performance training analogies in my coaching it was not an unusual request.  However, it blossomed very quickly into most of my coaching clients being athletes.  I was coaching amateur and professional golfers, Tennis players, Mountain Bikers and Triathletes.  This is the time that I started re-discovering my own athletic self again as an adult.   The sport that I found I loved the most was triathlon.

I then created a more official coaching platform that focused mostly on coaching endurance athletes and triathletes.  That company is called:  Awesomeness of You.  Through Awesomeness of You I created a number of very popular and highly effective mental game training systems specifically for triathletes.  I created the Ironman Mental Game Systems and a number of others.  These methods and systems have become popular for both amateur and pro triathletes along with Triathlon coaches who use the methods and systems to coach their athletes.

The Awesomeness Of You Systems and methods  are also a part of the WeTri training that WeTri athletes receive in the programs.

During my coaching of triathletes I was consistently asked to help coach them in other areas of their training.   When you are coaching an Ironman Athlete in mental game it is inevitable that they will need support  in other  (basically ALL) parts of their training plan in order to help get them to their goals.  Through a number of years of training Triathletes of all levels (including Pros) I kept hearing over and over  that my Triathlon training, wisdom, advice and methods were of extraordinary value to them and that it created fantastic results time after time!  This is from everyone from beginners to Pro Triathletes.

That is how I came to be a triathlon coach.

I feel that all of us are given a gift and that we must recognize the gift and honor it by using it.  It had become clear to me that this is my gift.  My job is to make a big positive difference in people’s lives through the sport of triathlon and my gift is that I am able to coach and teach in the science and the art of the sport so that individuals receive awesome results and genuine fulfillment.

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