WeTri is known for creating top Nationally ranked (and World qualifying) athletes who achieve impressive progress in all three of our sports, Swim, Bike & Run.   I am going to begin blogging and posting all the reasons and  how I achieve this with our athletes in hopes that many athletes, parents and coaches will benefit from some of our secrets on how we make this happen.

Recovery is KEY to becoming faster and stronger.  Most junior and U25 athletes don’t understand how crucial it is.  You must be doing a solid recovery routine in order to make real progress in your sport.   Our athletes spend time each day in their recovery routine because it’s key to REAL progress in sport.   Don’t be fooled by social media of your favorite pro athletes killing it in their sport with little to no photos of them rolling, stretching, doing yoga, meditating (which by the way 80% of them do in some way or another ;-), and sometimes laying around with recovery things on them like Marcpro, recovery boots, cupping and so forth.  The professional athletes in single sports like swim, bike and run or triathlon ALL use most of these methods on a DAILY basis!!

Here are a few of the basics that you should be doing:

  • Rolling and releasing trigger points in muscles
  • Stretching to release areas of tightness
  • Sports massage therapy
  • Sleep (sleep patterns and tracking etc.)
  • Recovery nutrition

All of these are key to getting an athletes faster and stronger!!   The game is simple ~ work hard in your training session then RECOVER hard so that you can do it again the next day.  But recovery does not mean lying around watching TV (unless you are wearing recovery boots) it’s about releasing what was built up in training that day and flushing everything out.

Many single sport athletes don’t make very quick progress in their sport or become injured regularly because of overuse of muscles without enough release or recovery in order to allow the muscles to become stronger and balanced.  This issue usually begins in High School where most athletes are not taught how to do recovery properly.  They are taught to work hard but not the whole picture on how to get faster and stronger.

I have seen countless High School and College Athletes who are tremendously talented, have the work ethic and have reached decent heights in their sport but are continually out with injuries and or have reached plateaus in their sport and some have been full on sidelined out of their sport.  And some simply lose interest in their sport because they aren’t making progress.  Most of it is due to never learning how to do a recovery routine for their body and their muscles that allows them to get faster and stronger.   If you work REALLY hard in your sport you will want to feel and see results but if you are missing a real recovery routine then you will hit a wall in your progress.

All of the single sport athletes that come onto our team experience something really awesome immediately and that is how much more control over their progress they have.  When they start doing the recovery even simple rolling and stretching and releasing of muscles they have an immediate effect on their speed and strength and a new spark is lit on how much control they have over their results in their sport.

Much of this has to do with the generation before them not understanding the importance of recovery ~ both coaches and parents need to understand the importance of this part of their training in order for the athletes to learn it.    The “old school” concept was work really hard and push through everything and get up and do it again.  YES I agree with work really hard and push through it but in between that 24 hour period you must do what is crucial to your muscles and your body building strength and speed and that is ~
Release the trigger points you have built from that day’s training ~ it’s not that hard to do and it’s easy to learn

Release the tightness and flush out the toxin build up from that day’s training so that your muscles can recovery and are ready to build the next day

Eat the right kind of nutrition so that it helps in creating recovery and reducing inflammation so that you are ready to go the next day.  Most High School and College athletes are eating things that actually slow down their recovery.

I will talk about sleep in a separate post.

This is the basics on what needs to be done.  Stay tuned for more specifics as I teach you more on the specifics of rolling and stretching.  The important thing is to get started and begin doing it on a daily basis so that it’s part of your training routine.

Until you are doing a solid recovery routine on a daily basis you will have no idea what you are truly capable of in your sport!  It makes a huge difference in your progress and results and you simply won’t know that until you experience what you are truly capable of by doing things more like an elite and that includes focus on recovery.