Wildflower 2016

WeTri Athletes performance at Wildflower 2016

WeTri athlete Nico Duchez won the full Sprint race.  
WeTri Athletes took home 4 age group wins
Sydney Lewis winner (F 13-15) as well as 5th overall woman
Chase Visser winner (M 13-15)
Konnor Van Worth winner (M 16-19) Olympic Distance
Nico Duchez winner (M 16-19) AND winner of the Full Sprint Triathlon
Wildflower race ~ here is the course run down:  They had TWO runs  (swim / run / bike / run  ~ it was a HILLY bike course and  HILLY 2nd run course and it was hot.   Tough Collegiate racing field in both races.

Results:  http://raceresults.eternaltiming.com/index.cfm/20160430_Wildflower_Triathlons.htm

Overall places for full field for the Sprint Triathlon within the top 10  (total of 280 athletes)
Sprint Distance Full men’s and women’s field top 10: 
1st (full field) Nico Duchez     (racing age 16)
5th (women’s)  Sydney Lewis (racing age 15)
9th (men’s field) Chase Visser        (racing age 15)
Age groups:
Olympic Distance: 
1st place Konnor Van Worth  2:38:51
Josh Cagney 2nd place 2:55:17 (1st Olympic Distance Race!)
Angel More 2nd place 
Sprint Distance: 
Nico Duchez 1st WIN 1:07:40
Sydney Lewis 1st WIN 1:26:08
Chase Visser 1st WIN 1:14:50 
Dominic Pollizzi 2nd 1:19:48