Congratulations on an outstanding race at Half Moon Bay 

Half Moon Bay

Overall places for full field for the Sprint Triathlon within the top 10
Nico Duchez  1:00:59   (racing age 16) WINS the full field in the Sprint Race 
2nd  Konnor Van Worth  1:01:25  (racing age 17) 
5th  Josh Cagney  1:02:50  (racing age 15) 
8th  Michael Yu  1:04:13  (racing age 16) 
Age groups:
Josh Cagney  1st place WIN  1:02:50  (racing age 15)
Chase Visser 2nd place 1:10:38  (racing age 15) 
Robby Jones 4th place 1:19:38  (racing age 14) 
*(most improved race results award!) 
Nico Duchez  1st place WIN  1:00:59 (racing age 16)
Konnor Van Worth 2nd place 1:01:25 (racing age 17)
Michael Yu 3rd place 1:04:13 (racing age 16)
Carson Leavitt 4th place 1:05:30  (racing age 17)
Julian Templeton 5th place 1:14:13  (racing age 17)  
*(1st real triathlon 1st race with the team) 
Sean Jones  6th place  1:18:28   (racing age 17)
Tom Welch 1st place WIN 1:07:56 (racing age 18) 
*(2nd triathlon race ever / 1st race on team)